Integrated Data Evaluation
System on Accidents


Punjab Police
About IDEAS punjab
Web Based Integrated Data Evaluation System on Accidents [IDEAS-Punjab] would work as a useful tool for PRBDB, Punjab Police, local authorities, pressure groups, academic and research organisations.

The web based reporting and analysis system would have open reporting to assist other agencies or organisations that can use the data and can come up with some useful suggestions to reverse the trends.

10 Most Accident Prone Roads
Road TypeName of RoadAccidents
VR/LR-121Village Roads/Link Roads Fazilka3
MDR-40Malout Fazilka Road2
SH-20Zira Ferozepur Fazilka2
VR/LR-F02Village Roads Abohar2
SH-14Abohar to Suratgarh Road1
VR/LR-F01Village Link Roads of Fazilka District1
MCR-F02Jalalabad (W) Municipal Council Roads1

24 Hour distribution of road Crashes
Top 10 Districts in fatal Accidents
Male vs Female deaths in road crashes
Accidents Report
Last 150 Days
Fatal :12
Serious/Non-Fatal :5
Minor :0
Geo Map - Crash Report
What is this For?

Everyone, local authorities, pressure groups, academic and research organisations. Some may need them only occasionally, others for long term analysis. We all are aware of the sudden increase in traffic on the road and are worried about the loss of life and property in road crashes. There might be agencies or organisations trying to study the data and do something to reduce this menace. While we are continuously monitoring and making an effort to reduce the collisions on roads, you as an individual or organisation can study this data and do something to save precious lives.

What does it do?

Gather and publish information based on standard parameters to study and analyse the trends. Till now, little information is available in an organised format. Information on Fatal and Non-fatal road accidents is uploaded from each district unit that gives a clear state-wide picture, highlights the changes required and compares present with the past and anticipate the future.